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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Alternate models to dark energyArun, K; Gudennavar, S. B; Prasad, A; Sivaram, C
Oct-2017Alternative standard frequencies for interstellar communicationSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
Oct-2017Bioenergetics and stellar luminositiesSivaram, C; Arun, K; Arun, K
May-2011A critique on Drexler dark matterSivaram, C; Arun, K; Nagaraja, R
Dec-2009Curvature, phase space, holography and black hole entropySivaram, C; Arun, K
Jul-2018Dark energy constraints on masses and sizes of large scale cosmic structuresRebecca, L; Arun, K; Sivaram, C
2013Dark energy, intertia and Mach`s principleSivaram, C; Arun, K
1-Jul-2017Dark matter, dark energy, and alternate models: A reviewArun, K; Gudennavar, S. B; Sivaram, C
Oct-2011Dieterici gas as a unified model for dark matter and dark energySivaram, C; Arun, K; Nagaraja, R
Jan-2012Enigmatic aspects of entropy inside the black hole: what do falling comoving observers see?Sivaram, C; Arun, K
May-2011Enigmatic aspects of the early universe: possibility of a `pre-big bang phase'!Sivaram, C; Arun, K
2015Evolution of time concept in physics and in philosophySivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
2012Extended Equivalence Principle: Implications for Gravity, Geometry and ThermodynamicsSivaram, C; Arun, K
Oct-2018Extremal charged black holes, dark matter and dark energySivaram, C; Arun, K; Prasad, A
Feb-2018Forming supermassive black holes like J1342+0928 (invoking dark matter) in early universeSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
2015Gravity of accelerations on quantum scales and its consequencesSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V; Sreenath, B. N
Nov-2013Holography, dark energy and entropy of large cosmic structuresSivaram, C; Arun, K
Jun-2018Hundred Years of Einstein's Cosmological ConstantSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
Dec-2014Implications of Possible Alternate Scenarios for Short and Long Duration GRBsSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
2014Intermediate Mass Black Holes: Their Motion and Associated EnergeticsSivaram, C; Arun, K