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Title: Models of observational signatures of black holes
Authors: Mohan, Prashanth
Keywords: Black Holes-Theses;AGN-Theses;Time Series Analysis-Theses;Blazers-Theses;X-Ray Variability-Theses
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Citation: Ph.D. Thesis, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Kolkata
Abstract: Active galactic nuclei (AGN) are the compact central regions of certain galaxies whose luminosity ranges between ∼ 10 42 - 10 48 erg/s is much greater than that of their host galaxies. The emission from this central region spans a wide range of wavelengths from the infra-red to γ -rays unlike regular galaxies where the emission typically is from infra-red (dust), optical (stars) and UV (nebulae, stars). A canonical model of an AGN consists of the following constituents: the central supermassive black hole, whose mass can range from between 10 6 M⊙ (e.g. for Seyfert galaxies) to 10 9 M⊙ (e.g. for blazars); surrounding this is the accretion disk which is the main source of optical, UV and soft X-ray emission; an obscuring torus shaped region spanning a size > 0.1 pc consisting of gas and dust and is much further away from the black hole and is hence more cooler; a region consisting of broad line emission from gas clouds which are gravitationally bound by the central black hole spanning a typical size of ∼ 10 light days with a number density of 10 8 to 10 11 particles/cm 3 , known as the broad line region (BLR) and another region consisting of orbiting gas clouds with narrow emission lines, known as the narrow line region (NLR) which spans a size of 1 to 1000 pc from the central region with a number density of 10 2 to 10 6 particles/cm 3 . These components are supplemented by models of radio loud AGN where powerful jets consisting of accelerated particles aligned with the axis of rotation of the black hole are observed.
Description: Thesis Supervisor Prof. Arun Mangalam
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