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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2019Angular momentum of stars and thier planetsGurumath, S. R; Hiremath, K. M; Ramasubramanian, V
Nov-2018Solar meridional circulation from twenty-one years of SOHO/MDI and SDO/HMI observations Helioseismic travel times and forward modeling in the ray approximationLiang, Zhi-Chao; Gizon, L; Birch, A. C; Duvall, T. L. Jr; Rajaguru, S. P
Nov-2018Properties and occurrence rates for Kepler exoplanet candidates as a function of host star metallicity from the DR25 catalogNarang, Mayank; Manoj, P; Furlan, E; Mordasini, C; Henning, Thomas; Mathew, Blesson; Banyal, R. K; Sivarani, T
Nov-2018A study of the star-forming regions in the spiral galaxy NGC 2336 using the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UVIT)Rahna, P. T; Mousumi Das; Murthy, J; Gudennavar, S. B; Bubbly, S. G
Nov-2018A SALT spectral study of S0s hosting pseudobulgesVaghmare, K; Barway, S; Vaisanen, Petri; Ramphul, Rajin; Wadadekar, Yogesh; Kembhavi, A
Nov-2018Astrophysics with new horizons: making the most of a generational opportunityZemcov, Michael; Arcavi, Iair; Arendt, Richard; Bachelet, Etienne; Ranga Ram Chary; Cooray, Asantha; Dragomir, Diana; Conn Henry, Richard; Lisse, Carey; Matsuura, Shuji; Murthy, J; Nguyen, Chi; Poppe, Andrew R; Street, Rachel; Werner, Michael
Nov-2018Ultraviolet stellar population of the old open cluster M67 (NGC 2682)Sindhu, N; Subramaniam, A; Anu Radha, C
Nov-2018Non-gaussianity of diffuse galactic synchrotron emission at 408 MHzRana, S; Ghosh, T; Bagla, Jasjeet S; Chingangbam, P
Dec-2018Polarization and QPOs from jets in black hole systemsMangalam, A
10-Oct-2018Authenticating the presence of a relativistic massive black hole binary in OJ 287 using Its general relativity centenary flare: improved orbital parametersDey, L; Valtonen, M. J; Gopakumar, A; Zola, S; Hudec, R; Pihajoki, P; Ciprini, S; Matsumoto, K; Sadakane, K; Kidger, M; Nilsson, K; Mikkola, S; Sillanpaa, A; Takalo, L. O; Lehto, H. J; Berdyugin, A; Piirola, V; Jermak, H; Baliyan, K. S; Pursimo, T; Caton, D. B; Alicavus, F; Baransky, A; Blay, P; Boumis, P; Boyd, D; Campas Torrent, M; Campos, F; Carrillo Gomez, J; Chandra, S; Chavushyan, V; Dalessio, J; Debski, B; Drozdz, M; Er, H; Erdem, A; Escartin Perez, A; Fallah Ramazani, V; Filippenko, A. V; Gafton, E; Ganesh, S; Garcia, F; Gazeas, K; Godunova, V; Gomez Pinilla, F; Maheswar, G; Haislip, J. B; Harmanen, J; Hurst, G; Janik, J; Jelinek, M; Joshi, A; Kagitani, M; Karjalainen, R; Kaur, N; Keel, W. C; Kouprianov, V. V; Kundera, T; Kurowski, S; Kvammen, A; LaCluyze, A. P; Lee, B. C; Liakos, A; Lindfors, E; Lozano de Haro, J; Mugrauer, M; Naves Nogues, R; Neely, A. W; Nelson, R. H; Ogloza, W; Okano, S; Pajdosz-Smierciak, U; Pandey, J. C; Perri, M; Poyner, G; Provencal, J; Raj, A; and 27 co-authors
Oct-2018Installation of solar chromospheric telescope at the Indian Astronomical Observatory, MerakRavindra, B; Prabhu, K; Thulasidharen, K. C; Rajalingam, M; Sagayanathan, K; Kamath, P. U; Dorjey, N; Angchuk, D; Kemkar, P. M. M; Dorjai, T; Banyal, R. K
10-Oct-2018Double peaks of the solar cycle: an explanation from a dynamo modelKarak, B. B; Mandal, Sudip; Banerjee, D
Oct-2018Polarimetric and spectroscopic study of radio quiet weak emission line quasarsKumar, P; Chand, H; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Petitjean, P; Gopal-Krishna
Oct-2018A novel probe of ionized bubble shape and size statistics of the epoch of reionization using the contour Minkowski tensorAkanksha, K; Pravabati, C; Appleby, S; Park, C
Oct-2018Template-based classification of SDSS-GALEX point sourcesAnjum, A; Mousumi Das; Murthy, J; Gudennavar, S. B; Rajesh, G; Bubbly, S. G
Oct-2018Radial velocity comparison of Gaia DR2 and RAVE DR5 survey: A systematic offset in radial velocities among a group of highly accurate radial velocity starsDeepak; Reddy, B. E
Oct-2018The double dust envelopes of R coronae borealis starsMontiel, Edward J; Clayton, G. C; Sugerman, B. E. K.; Evans, A.; Garcia-Hernandez, D. A; Kameswara Rao, N; Matsuura, M; Tisserand, P
Oct-2018Extremal charged black holes, dark matter and dark energySivaram, C; Arun, K; Prasad, A
Apr-2018Consequences of high effective prandtl number on solar differential rotation and convective velocityKarak, B. B; Miesch, Mark; Bekki, Y
Aug-2018Star clusters in the magellanic clouds II. age-dating, classification, and spatio-temporal distribution of the SMC clustersPrasanta Kumar Nayak; Subramaniam, A; Choudhury, Samyaday; Sagar, R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4303
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