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Welcome to the Open Access Digital Repository of Indian Institute of Astrophysics

This digital repository of Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIAP), Bangalore, India is developed to capture, organize disseminate and preserve the research publications of IIAP. It also includes the in-house technical reports and annual reports in addition to various other grey literature created within the institute.
As Astronomy and Astrophysics is the major focus area of research in IIAP, the contents of this Repository is organised to include various forms and collections where they are published. They are displayed under different communities.
You can search, browse and access full text of these publications from the repository.

This Repository also hosts papers published in Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, Volumes 1 to 33, 1973 to 2005. The contents of Vol. 34, 2006 to Current can be accessed from the BASI HOMEPAGE

Archival Collection in Open Access

Indian Institute of Astrophysics traces its origin back to 1786, and the Institute has naturally inherited the library and records of the Madras and Kodaikanal Observatories. This collection of archival records has grown over the years to include more than 5000 items in various formats such as manuscripts, photographs, maps, films, awards, hand-drawn sketches, pictures and instruments.

As our open access repository is created to accommodate all the institute’s publications, we have decided to include the archival contents which are out of copyright in the repository for better access. Most of these contents are catalogued, classified, digitized and uploaded in the Open Access Repository with appropriate metadata.

For those contents which are protected by copyright only metadata is provided. Researchers can request the Indian Institute of Astrophysics Archives for full-text of these contents.

Recent Submissions

Indian summer monsoon rainfall: dancing with the tunes of the Sun(IIAP Publications)

Latitudinal distribution of soft x ray flares and dispairty in butterfly diagram(IIAP Publications)

Long-term variations in the north–south asymmetry of solar activity and solar cycle prediction, III: prediction for the amplitude of solar cycle 25(IIAP Publications)

A study of K i 7699 Å and related shell lines during the recent eclipse of ϵ Aurigae(IIAP Publications)

Optical observations of the fast declining Type Ib supernova iPTF13bvn(IIAP Publications)



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