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  • NDTV (NDTV, 2013-10-20)
    Mars has exited generations of people and it was long theorized that life existed on the Red Planet. Comic books have always pictured Martians, but alas till date no life has been found on the planet. Planetary scientist ...
  • Vayada, Nilesh; Talwar, Ajay (NASA, 2012-01-16)
    Explanation: Is it dawn or false dawn? During certain times of the year, the horizon near the rising Sun will begin to glow unusually early. This early glow does not originate directly from the Sun, but rather from sunlight ...
  • NDTV (NDTV, 2011-06-20)
    The astronomical observatory at Hanle, Ladakh, has always made Indian scientists proud. Hanle is considered the perfect observing site on earth, having 250 clear nights in a year- it's dry and the monsoon doesn't reach ...
  • NDTV (NDTV, 2011-06-09)
    The Indian Space Research Organisation is now putting together its first dedicated mission to study the sun, aptly called Aditya-1. NDTV travelled to ISRO's labs to get you this exclusive.
  • (2009-04-03)
    Indian Astronomical Observatory's 2-m aperture Himalayan Chandra Telescope (HCT) is the world's highest optical-infrared telescope situated at an altitude of 4500 m (15000 ft) above sea level in Hanle, Ladakh, Indian ...
  • Doordarshan Kendra, National, Podhigai,Chennai (2009-12-26)