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Title: The VMC Survey. XXIX. Turbulence-controlled Hierarchical Star Formation in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Authors: Sun, N
de Grijs, R
Cioni, M. L
Rubele, S
Subramanian, S
van Loon, J. T
Bekki, K
Bell, C. P. M
Ivanov, V. D
Marconi, M
Muraveva, T
Oliveira, J. M
Ripepi, V
Keywords: Galaxies: star clusters: general;Infrared: stars;Magellanic Clouds;Stars: formation
Issue Date: 1-May-2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 858, No. 1, 31
Abstract: In this paper we report a clustering analysis of upper main-sequence stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud, using data from the VMC survey (the VISTA near-infrared YJK s survey of the Magellanic system). Young stellar structures are identified as surface overdensities on a range of significance levels. They are found to be organized in a hierarchical pattern, such that larger structures at lower significance levels contain smaller ones at higher significance levels. They have very irregular morphologies, with a perimeter–area dimension of 1.44 ± 0.02 for their projected boundaries. They have a power-law mass–size relation, power-law size/mass distributions, and a log-normal surface density distribution. We derive a projected fractal dimension of 1.48 ± 0.03 from the mass–size relation, or of 1.4 ± 0.1 from the size distribution, reflecting significant lumpiness of the young stellar structures. These properties are remarkably similar to those of a turbulent interstellar medium, supporting a scenario of hierarchical star formation regulated by supersonic turbulence.
Description: Restricted Access
ISSN: 0004-637X
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