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Title: Pulsar timing and Interstellar medium properties with the upgraded GMRT
Authors: Manoj Varma, V
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Citation: M. Tech. Thesis, University of Calcutta, Calcutta
Abstract: One of the most interesting and useful properties of pulsars is the regularity of the pulses they emit. Pulsar timing is a research area for the study of the arrival time of the pulses and correcting for delays in arrival times. Several factors are expected to affect the regularity of pulse arrival times. They have to be accounted and corrected for, in order to achieve the accurate timing data that can be used to study a variety of phenomena such as motion of compact objects in binary systems, Gravitational waves, proper motion of pulsars etc. Interstellar medium will affect the pulsar radiation as it travels, and causes dispersion and scintillation. The effect of this on the accuracy of the timing needs to be understood and corrected to the best extent possible. In my thesis work I will discuss a novel way of measuring the variation of dispersion measure (DM) of a pulsar over time. For this I will be using the simultaneous dual frequency data (from GMRT observatory) for several pulsars over many epochs and use it to determine the DM and its variation. This information can be used as an input to the TEMPO, which fits the time of arrival of the pulses accordingly. My work leads to reduction in the rms of time of arrival fluctuations and there by enables us to do various sciences using this data. I would also touch up on simultaneous measurement at three frequencies and its necessity to understand better, the properties of Interstellar medium and dependency of DM with respect to frequency.
Description: Thesis Supervisors Prof. R. T Gangadhara and Prof. Y Gupta
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