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Title: Short-Term Hα Line Variations in Classical Be Stars: 59 Cyg and OT Gem
Authors: Paul, K. T
Shruthi, S. B
Subramaniam, A
Keywords: Stars: emission-line;Be;Circumstellar matter;Stars: individual (59 Cyg OT Gem);Stars: rotation;Techniques: spectroscopic
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Vol. 38, No. 1, 6
Abstract: We present the optical spectroscopic study of two classical Be stars, 59 Cyg and OT Gem obtained over a period of few months in 2009. We detected a rare triple-peak Hαα emission phase in 59 Cyg and a rapid decrease in the emission strength of Hαα in OT Gem, which are used to understand their circumstellar disks. We find that 59 Cyg is likely to be rapid rotator, rotating at a fractional critical rotation of ∼ 0.80. The radius of the Hαα emission region for 59 Cyg is estimated to be Rd/R∗Rd/R∗ ∼, assuming a Keplerian disk, suggesting that it has a large disk. We classify stars which have shown triple-peaks into two groups and find that the triple-peak emission in 59 Cyg is similar to ζ Tau. OT Gem is found to have a fractional critical rotation of ∼0.30, suggesting that it is either a slow rotator or viewed in low inclination. In OT Gem, we observed a large reduction in the radius of the Hα emission region from ∼6.9 to ∼1.7 in a period of three months, along with the reduction in the emission strength. Our observations suggest that the disk is lost from outside to inside during this disk loss phase in OT Gem.
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