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Title: Hemispheric asymmetry of sunspot area in solar cycle 23 and rising phase of solar cycle 24: comparison of three data sets
Authors: Ravindra, B
Javaraiah, J
Keywords: The sun;Sunspots;Sunspot area;North–south asymmetry
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: New Astronomy, Vol. 39, pp. 55 – 63
Abstract: Analysis of long-term solar data from different observatories is required to compare and confirm the various level of solar activity in depth. In this paper, we study the north–south asymmetry of monthly mean sunspot area distribution during the cycle-23 and rising phase of cycle-24 using the data from Kodaikanal Observatory (KO), Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) and Solar Optical Observing Network (SOON). Our analysis confirmed the double peak behavior of solar cycle-23 and the dominance of southern hemisphere in all the sunspot area data obtained from three different resources. The analysis also showed that there is a 5–6 months time delay in the activity levels of two hemispheres. Furthermore, the wavelet analysis carried on the same data sets showed several known periodicities (e.g., 170–180 days, 2.1 year) in the north–south difference of sunspot area data. The temporal occurrence of these periods is also the same in all the three data sets. These results could help in understanding the underlying mechanism of north–south asymmetry of solar activity.
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ISSN: 1384-1076
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