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Title: S7 : Probing the physics of seyfert galaxies through their ENLR & HII regions
Authors: Dopita, M. A
Shastri, P
Scharwachter, J
Kewley, L. J
Davies, R
Sutherland, R
Kharb, P
Jose, Jessy
Bhatt, H. C
Ramya, S
Hamptona, E
Jina, C
Banfielda, J
Zawa, I
Srivastavaa, Shweta
Jamesa, B
Keywords: Galaxies: elliptical and lenticular;cD - galaxies: evolution - galaxies: formation
Issue Date: Feb-2015
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, Vol. 309, pp. 200-205
Series/Report no.: International Astronomical Union Symposium; 309
Abstract: Here we present the first results from the Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey (S7) which aims to investigate the physics of ∼140 radio-detected southern active Galaxies with z<0.02 through Integral Field Spectroscopy using the Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS). This instrument provides data cubes of the central 38×25 arc sec. of the target galaxies in the waveband 340–710nm with the unusually high resolution of R=7000 in the red (530–710nm), and R=3000 in the blue (340–560nm). These data provide the morphology, kinematics and the excitation structure of the extended narrow-line region, probe relationships with the black hole characteristics and the host galaxy, measures host galaxy abundance gradients and the determination of nuclear abundances from the HII regions. From photoionisation modelling, we may determine the shape of the ionising spectrum of the AGN, discover whether AGN metallicities differ from nuclear abundances determined from HII regions, and probe grain destruction in the vicinity of the AGN. Here we present some preliminary results and modelling of both Seyfert galaxies observed as part of the survey.
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