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Title: Relativistic many-body analysis of the electric dipole moment of 223 Rn
Authors: Sahoo, B. K
Singh, Yashpal
Das, B. P
Keywords: Atoms;CP Violation;Quarks;Electric Dipole Moment (EDM)
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review A, Vol.90, No. 5, 050501
Abstract: We report the results of our ab initio relativistic many-body calculations of the electric dipole moment (EDM) d(A) arising from the electron-nucleus tensor-pseudotensor (T-PT) interaction, the interaction of the nuclear Schiff moment (NSM) with the atomic electrons and the electric dipole polarizability a(d) for Rn-223. Our relativistic random-phase approximation results are substantially larger than those of lower-order relativistic many-body perturbation theory and the results based on the relativistic coupled-cluster method with single and double excitations are highly accurate for all three properties that we have considered. We obtain d(A) = 4.85(6) x 10(-20) <sigma > C-T vertical bar e vertical bar cm from T-PT interaction, d(A) = 2.89(4) x 10(-17)S/(vertical bar e vertical bar fm(3)) from NSM interaction, and alpha(d) = 35.27(9)ea(0)(3). The former two results in combination with the measured value of Rn-223 EDM, when it becomes available, could yield the best limits for the T-PT coupling constant, EDMs, and chromo-EDMs of quarks and theta(QCD) parameter, and would thereby shed light on leptoquark and supersymmetric models that predict CP violation
Description: Open Access
ISSN: 1050-2947 (Print)
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