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Title: Response of the equatorial ionosphere in the Indian (midnight) sector to the severe magnetic storm of July 15, 2000
Authors: Sastri, J. H
Niranjan, K
Subbarao, K. S. V
Keywords: Ionosphere: Equatorial Ionosphere;Ionosphere: Electric Fields (2712);Ionosphere: Ionospheric Disturbances;Magnetospheric Physics: Storms And Substorms
Issue Date: Jul-2002
Publisher: American Geophysical Union
Citation: Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 29, No. 13, pp. 29 - 1, CiteID 1651
Abstract: During the severe magnetic storm of July 15, 2000, an impulsive and remarkably large downward movement of F region occurred simultaneously at locations throughout the equatorial region (dip 0.3-20°N) in the Indian sector, in close association with episodes of rapid ring current intensification. The abnormal midnight descent of equatorial F region (maximum amplitude close to the magnetic equator, 215 km/hr) indicative of a short-lived westward electric field disturbance (peak amplitude ~4.6 mV/m) is interpreted as the signature of prompt penetration electric fields associated primarily with impulsive ring current injections. The westward electric field disturbance in the Indian (midnight) sector occurred near simultaneous with the eastward electric field disturbances in the dusk sector, reported by Basu et al. [2001a]. Moreover, the prompt electric field penetration to the magnetic equator both in the dusk and midnight sectors occurred in an environment already under the influence of ionospheric disturbance dynamo (IDD) electric fields, illustrating the profound manner in which the equatorial F region plasma dynamics can get modified globally during the main phase of severe magnetic storms.
Description: Open Access
ISSN: 0094-8276
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