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Title: Earth's equatorial ionosphere and the heliospheric current sheet
Authors: Sastri, J. H
Keywords: Earth Ionosphere: Heliosphere;Earth Ionosphere: Solar Activity;Earth Ionosphere: Sunspots;Heliosphere: Earth Ionosphere;Solar Activity: Earth Ionosphere;Sunspots: Earth Ionosphere
Issue Date: May-1986
Publisher: D. Reidel Publishing Company
Citation: Earth, Moon and Planets, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 85 – 91
Abstract: Evidence is presented to show that during epochs of high sunspot activity, the duration of manifestation of equatorial spread-F (ESF) irregularities in the Earth's equatorial ionosphere undergoes a systematic modulation around the times of crossing of the heliospheric current sheet by the Earth. The modulation which is assessed as an indirect and ‘geomagnetic activity-associated effect’, is characterised by an enhancement in the duration of ESF conditions prior to the current sheet crossing and a reduction thereafter. It is suggested that the observed response of the equatorial ionosphere to the current sheet passage is primarily a manifestation of the geomagnetic activity related modifications in the equatorial east-west electric field in the post-sunset period.
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