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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Alternate models to dark energyArun, K; Gudennavar, S. B; Prasad, A; Sivaram, C
10-May-2019Are H0 and σ8 tensions generic to present cosmological data?Bhattacharyya, Archita; Alam, Ujjaini; Pandey, Kanhaiya L; Das, Subinoy; Pal, Supratik
May-2011A critique on Drexler dark matterSivaram, C; Arun, K; Nagaraja, R
Oct-2017Dark matter (energy) may be indistinguishable from modified gravity (MOND)Sivaram, C
1-Jul-2017Dark matter, dark energy, and alternate models: A reviewArun, K; Gudennavar, S. B; Sivaram, C
Feb-2019Effects of dark matter in star formationArun, K; Gudennavar, S. B; Prasad, A; Sivaram, C
1-Jun-1993Enhanced star formation in the cometary globules of the GUM nebulaBhatt, H. C
Oct-2018Extremal charged black holes, dark matter and dark energySivaram, C; Arun, K; Prasad, A
1992Galaxy formationPadmanabhan, T; Subramanian, K
Sep-1986Lower bounds on axion rest mass in a general cosmological scenarioDatta, B; Joshi, P. S
10-Mar-2014The M31 pixel lensing plan campaign: macho lensing and self-lensing signalsNovati, S. C; Bozza, V; Bruni, I; Dall'Ora, M; Paolis, F. D; Dominik, M; Gualandi, R; Ingrosso, G; Jetzer, P; Mancini, L; Nucita, A; Safonova, M; Scarpetta, G; Sereno, M; Strafella, F; Subramaniam, A; Gould, A
10-May-2018Minkowski Tensors in Two Dimensions: Probing the Morphology and Isotropy of the Matter and Galaxy Density FieldsAppleby, S; Pravabati, C; Park, C; Hong, S. E; Kim, J; Vidhya, G
2009Modern astronomy : startling factsSivaram, C; Arun, K
1-Jan-2015The mystery of the cosmic diffuse ultraviolet background radiationHenry, R. C; Murthy, J; Overduin, James; Tyler, Joshua
Dec-1993Near-infrared and optical imaging of Q2345+007: The largest gravitationally lensed QSO system?Gopal-Krishna; Yates, M; Wiita, P. J; Smette, A; Pati, A. K; Altieri, B
1993The origin of dark matter and its estimate in the metagalaxySrivastava, D. N
Jul-2016Planet nine, dark matter and MONDSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
May-2019Primordial planets predominantly of dark MatterSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
Apr-2000Relics of the cosmological QCD phase transitionBhattacharyya, A; Alam, J. E; Sarkar, S; Roy, P; Sinha, B; Raha, S; Bhattacharjee, P
Apr-2018A study of the effect of bulges on bar formation in disc galaxiesKataria, Sandeep Kumar; Mousumi Das