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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Coronal heating by magnetic kink wavesBanerjee, D; Dikpati, M; Choudhuri, A. R
Jun-2015Correlation between decay rate and amplitude of solar cycles as revealed from observations and dynamo theoryHazra, G; Karak, B. B; Banerjee, D; Choudhuri, A. R
Sep-2002Diamagnetic screening of the magnetic field in accreting neutron starsKonar, S; Choudhuri, A. R
20-Aug-1993Energy transport to the solar corona by magnetic kink wavesChoudhuri, A. R; Dikpati, M; Banerjee, D
1996The evolutton of the magnetic structure of the solar corona with the solar cycleDikpati, M; Choudhuri, A. R; Venkatakrishnan, P
1996Magnetic fields in the sun's interior: What do we know about them?Choudhuri, A. R
Oct-1995On the Large-Scale Diffuse Magnetic Field of the SunDikpati, M; Choudhuri, A. R
Mar-1996On the Out of Phase Appearance of Large-Scale Diffuse Magnetic Field of the Sun with Respect to SunspotsDikpati, M; Choudhuri, A. R
20-Sep-2014Polar Network Index as a Magnetic Proxy for the Solar Cycle StudiesPriyal, M; Banerjee, D; Karak, B. B; Munoz-Jaramillo, A; Ravindra, B; Choudhuri, A. R; Singh, J
Mar-1997The solar dynamo with meridional circulationChoudhuri, A. R; Schuessler, M; Dikpati, M
Nov-1995The solar dynamo with meridional circulation.Choudhuri, A. R; Schussler, M; Dikpati, M
2011Solar physics in India: developments from the nineteenth century to the present eraHasan, S. S; Choudhuri, A. R; Rajaguru, S. P
20-Jan-2017A theoretical study of the Build-Up of the Sun's Polar Magnetic Field by using a 3D Kinematic Dynamo ModelHazra, G; Choudhuri, A. R; Miesch, Mark S