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Title: Coronal heating by magnetic kink waves
Authors: Banerjee, D
Dikpati, M
Choudhuri, A. R
Keywords: Coronal heating;Magnetic kink waves;Stellar astrophysics
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: Chan, K.L., Cheng, K.S and Singh, H.P eds., 1997 Pacific Rim conference on Stellar Astrophysics., Proceedings of ASP Conference Hongkong, PRC, 13 - 16 August, 1997., pp. 15 - 18
Series/Report no.: Astronomical Society of a Pacific Conference Series; Vol. 138
Abstract: We show that the magnetic kink waves generated by the motions of the Photospheric footpoints of the coronal flux tubes can supply adequate energy for heating the quiet corona. We model the solar corona as two-layer isothermal atmosphere, with the lower layer having chromospheric thickness and the temperature and the upper layer having coronal temperature
ISBN: 1-886733-58-9
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