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Title: The solar dynamo with meridional circulation.
Authors: Choudhuri, A. R
Schussler, M
Dikpati, M
Keywords: MHD;Sun;Magnetic Fields;Dynamo
Issue Date: Nov-1995
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 303, No. 2, pp. L29 - L32
Abstract: We show that meridional circulation can have a profound influence on dynamo models for the solar cycle. Motivated by the observed tilt angles of sunspot groups we assume that the generation of the poloidal field takes place near the surface, while a shear layer of radial differential rotation produces the toroidal field at the bottom of the convection zone. Both layers are coupled by a circulation with a poleward directed flow in the upper part and an equatorward flow in the deep layers of the convection zone. The circulation forces the toroidal field belts (which are responsible for the surface activity) to move equatorward. This leads to butterfly diagrams in qualitative agreement with the observations, even if the dynamo wave would propagate poleward in the absence of circulation. This result opens the possibility to construct models for the solar cycle which are based on observational data (tilt angles, differential rotation, and meridional circulation).
ISSN: 3840-0002
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