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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1982Observations of the supernova remnants HB 9 and IC 443 at 34.5 MHzDwarakanath, K. S; Shevgaonkar, R. K; Sastry, Ch. V
1984Observations on the Fine Structures in Solar Decametric Radio EmissionGopalswamy, N; Thejappa, G; Sastry, Ch. V
Sep-1974Observations on the occultation of the radio source Tauras A by the solar corona during June 1971Sastry, Ch. V; Subramanian, K. R
Sep-1983Observations on the slowly varying component of solar radio emission at decameter wavelengthsSastry, Ch. V; Shevgaonkar, R. K; Ramanuja, M. N
Jan-1973Observations on the Time and Frequency Structure of Solar Decameter Radio BurstsSastry, Ch. V
Dec-1969Observations on the time structure of solar radio bursts at a wavelength of 12 MSastry, Ch. V
Apr-1981On the correlation between exciter duration and decay constant of solar decameter Type III radio burstsSubramanian, K. R; Krishan, V; Sastry, Ch. V
Jun-2009Polarization of the thermal radio emission from outer solar coronaSastry, Ch. V
Mar-1981Pulsating radio emission at decametre wavelengths from the sunSastry, Ch. V; Krishan, V; Subramanian, K. R
Mar-1994The radio brightness of the undisturbed outer solar corona in the presence of a radial magnetic fieldGolap, K; Sastry, Ch. V
1986Radio Emission From The Quiet Sun and Active Regions at Decametric WavelengthsSastry, Ch. V
Jun-2000Radio observations of a coronal mass ejection induced depletion in the outer solar coronaRamesh, R; Sastry, Ch. V
1997Radio Observations of Compact Sources in the Outer Solar CoronaRamesh, R; Subramanian, K. R; Sastry, Ch. V
Sep-1989Second National Workshop on Solar Physics, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Kodaikanal, IndiaKrishan, V; Sastry, Ch. V
1998Some initial results from the Gauribidanur radio heliographRamesh, R; Subramanian, K. R; Sastry, Ch. V
Sep-1981The structure of the Cygnus Loop at 34.5 MHzSastry, Ch. V; Shevgaonkar, R. K; Dwarakanath, K. S
Mar-1971The time splitting of decameter solar radio burstsSastry, Ch. V
Jun-1982Time structure of solar decametre Type III radio burstsThejappa, G; Sastry, Ch. V