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Title: Estimation of coronal magnetic fields using Type-I emission
Authors: Gopalswamy, N
Thejappa, G
Sastry, Ch. V
Tlamicha, A
Keywords: Coronal Loops;Solar Corona;Solar Magnetic Field;Solar Radio Bursts;Propagation Velocity;Rankine-Hugoniot Relation;Shock Wave Propagation;Solar Activity
Issue Date: Mar-1986
Publisher: Czechoslovakia Academy of Sciences
Citation: Bulletin of Astronomical Institutes of Czechoslovakia, Vol. 37, pp. 115 - 120
Abstract: The radial dependence of the coronal magnetic field above active regions is calculated using Type-I chain data existing in the literature. Assuming that Type-I emission is due to shock waves, the upstream shock velocity and the density jump across the shock are obtained respectively from the drift rate and the bandwidth of the Type-I chains. Making use of the shock velocity and the density jump in the Rankine-Hugoniot relation, the Alfvén velocity and hence the magnetic field in the corona is calculated. The results are compared with existing estimates.
ISSN: 0004-6248
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