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Title: The frequency drift and time splitting of decameter solar radio bursts
Authors: Sastry, Ch. V
Keywords: Frequency Drift;Time Splitting of Decameter;Solar Radio Bursts
Issue Date: May-1972
Publisher: Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers Ltd.
Citation: Astrophysical Letters, Vol. 11, pp. 47 - 51
Abstract: The frequency drift and time splitting of solar radio bursts are observed with a multi-channel radiometer and a polarimeter at frequencies around 25 MHz. It is found that a majority of noise storm bursts have drift rates between + 1.0 and -1.0 MHz/sec. Two types of unusual bursts with frequency drift are described. The two components of a double burst are found to be polarized to the same degree and in the same sense.
ISSN: 0888-6512
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