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Title: When less is more: Are radio galaxies below the Fanaroff-Riley break more polarized on parsec scales?
Authors: Kharb, P
Shastri, P
Gabuzda, D. C
Keywords: Galaxies;Active - galaxies: individual (3C 66B, 3C 78, 3C 264, 3C 270) -;Galaxies: magnetic fields
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2005
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 632, No. 2, pp. L69–L73
Abstract: We present images showing the first detections of polarizations on parsec scales in the nuclei of four Fanaroof-Riley type I (low-luminosity) radio galaxies. Observations with Very long Baseline Interferomatry at lamda 3.6 cm reveal the presence of ordered magnetic fields within ~1650 Schwarzchild radii of the putative central supermassive black hole. The relatively high fractional polarization in the pc-scale jets of these galaxies is consistent with the standard scheme unifying low-luminosity radio galaxies with BL Lac objects. This result also suggests that these radio galaxies lack the obscuring tori that apparently depolarize the nuclear emission in the more powerful FRII radio galaxies, and that their supermassive blackholes are poorly fed and/or inefficient radiations
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