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Title: Narrow Band Photometry of Rho Puppis
Authors: Doss, A. T
Keywords: Photometry;Rho Puppis
Issue Date: Jul-1969
Publisher: Kodaikanal Observatory
Citation: KOB No 191
Abstract: Monochromatic flux values of the dwarf Cepheid Rho Puppis have been evaluated over the cycle from observations made in the 1967 season through four narrow band filters centred at 3858 A/sup0/ 4310 A/supo/, 4720 A/supo/ and 5975 A/supo/. The amplitudes at the above wavelengths are 0.17, 0.14, 0.12 and 0.09 magnitudes respectively. The effective temperatures variation over a cycle is 320/supo/K. Photoelectric light curves have also been obtained in Blue and Yellow colours and amplitude of light variations are 0/supm/.15 and 0/supm/.09 respectively. The period is further improved as 0.14088067 day.
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