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Title: Association of calcium network bright points with underneath photospheric magnetic patches
Authors: Narang, Nancy
Banerjee, D
Chandrashekhar, K
Pant, V
Keywords: Sun: polar regions;Chromosphere;Photosphere;Magnetic fields;Network structure;Supergranulation
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Solar Physics, Vol. 294, No. 4, 40
Abstract: Recent dedicated Hinode polar region campaigns revealed the presence of concentrated kilogauss patches of the magnetic field in the polar regions of the Sun, which are also shown to be correlated with facular bright points at the photospheric level. In this work, we demonstrate that this spatial intermittency of the magnetic field persists even up to the chromospheric heights. The small-scale bright elements visible in the bright network lanes of the solar network structure as seen in the Ca ii H images are termed network bright points. We use special Hinode campaigns devoted to the observation of polar regions of the Sun to study the polar network bright points during the phase of the last extended solar minimum. We use Ca ii H images of chromosphere observed by the Solar Optical Telescope. For magnetic field information, level-2 data of the spectro-polarimeter is used. We observe a considerable association between the polar network bright points and magnetic field concentrations. The intensity of such bright points is found to be correlated well with the photospheric magnetic field strength underneath with a linear relation existing between them.
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