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Title: Spectrophotometry of Nova Coronae Austrinae, 1981
Authors: Shylaja, B. S
Keywords: Novae;Spectrum Analysis;Stellar Spectrophotometry;Black Body Radiation;Electron Density (Concentration);Emission Spectra;Hydrogen Ions;Line Spectra;Stellar Envelopes;Ion Density (Concentration)
Issue Date: Oct-1984
Publisher: D. Reidel Publishing Co.
Citation: Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol. 104, No. 1, pp. 163 - 168
Abstract: Spectrophotometric observations of Nova Coronae Austrinae 1981, during its nebular phase are reported. The various emission lines are identified. The electron densities and the mass of the ionized hydrogen in the shell have been calculated. The excess flux in the red continuum probably indicates the appearance of the dust component.
ISSN: 0004-640X
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