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Title: Effect of Cross-redistribution on the Resonance Scattering Polarization of O I Line at 1302 Å
Authors: Anusha, L. S
Nagendra, K. N
Uitenbroek, H
Keywords: Line: formation;Magnetic fields;Polarization;Radiative transfer;Scattering;Sun: atmosphere
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2014
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 794, No. 1, 17
Abstract: Oxygen is the most abundant element on the Sun after hydrogen and helium. The intensity spectrum of resonance lines of neutral oxygen, namely, O I (1302, 1305, and 1306 Å), has been studied in the literature for chromospheric diagnostics. In this paper, we study the resonance scattering polarization in the O I line at 1302 Å using two-dimensional (2D) radiative transfer in a composite atmosphere constructed using a 2D magneto-hydrodynamical snapshot in the photosphere and columns of the one-dimensional FALC atmosphere in the chromosphere. The methods developed by us recently in a series of papers to solve multi-dimensional polarized radiative transfer have been incorporated in our new code POLY2D, which we use for our analysis. We find that multi-dimensional radiative transfer including XRD effects is important in reproducing the amplitude and shape of scattering polarization signals of the O I line at 1302 Å.
Description: Open Access
ISSN: 0004-637X
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