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Title: The spectrum of gamma velorum
Authors: Rajamohan, R
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: Centre of Advanced Study in Astronomy, Osmania University
Citation: Asundi, R.K., and Abhyankar, K.D eds. Proceedings of a Symposium on Spectroscopic Studies of Astrophysical Interest, 16 to 18 August 1972, pp. 109-120
Abstract: From a measurement of the equivalent width of H alpha in the star gamma 1 Velorum, it is found that My (gamma1 Vel)=-3.1. Assummg gamma 1 and 2 Velorum are at the same distance, a distance modulus of 7.4 magnitudes for gamma., Velorum is obtained. From a study of the absorption lines of the 091 component and the emission lines in the infra-red of the We8 component the difference in magnitude between the two components is found to be about one magnitude. The 0 component is brighter and the derived magnitudes are Mv (WC8+09I)=- 5.6, MT (091)= -5.2 and Mv (WC8)=-4.2.
Description: Open Access
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