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Title: ISOGAL: A deep survey of the obscured inner Milky Way with ISO at 7 mu m and 15 mu m and with DENIS in the near-infrared
Authors: Omont, A
Gilmore, G. F
Alard, C
Aracil, B
August, T
Baliyan, K
Beaulieu, S
Begon, S
Bertou, X
Blommaert, J. A. D. L
Borsenberger, J
Burgdorf, M
Caillaud, B
Cesarsky, C
Chitre, A
Copet, E
de Batz, B
Egan, M. P
Egret, D
Epchtein, N
Felli, M
Fouque, P
Ganesh, S
Genzel, R
Glass, I. S
Gredel, R
Groenewegen, M. A. T
Guglielmo, F
Habing, H. J
Hennebelle, P
Jiang, B
Joshi, U. C
Kimeswenger, S
Messineo, M
Miville-Deschenes, M. A
Moneti, A
Morris, M
Ojha, D. K
Ortiz, R
Ott, S
Parthasarathy, M
Perault, M
Price, S. D
Robin, A. C
Schultheis, M
Schuller, F
Simon, G
Soive, A
Testi, L
Teyssier, D
Tiphene, D
Unavane, M
van Loon, J. T
Wyse, R
Keywords: Stars;AGB and post-AGB -- stars;Circumstellar matter -- stars;Mass-loss -- stars;Formation -- dust;Extinction -- infrared;Stars -- Galaxy;Bulge
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 403, No. 3, pp. 975 - 992
Abstract: The ISOGAL project is an infrared survey of specific regions sampling the Galactic Plane selected to provide information on Galactic structure, stellar populations, stellar mass-loss and the recent star formation history of the inner disk and Bulge of the Galaxy. ISOGAL combines 7 and 15 μm ISOCAM observations -- with a resolution of 6 arcsec at worst -- with DENIS IJKs data to determine the nature of the sources and the interstellar extinction. We have observed about 16 square degrees with a sensitivity approaching 10-20 mJy, detecting ˜105 sources, mostly AGB stars, red giants and young stars. The main features of the ISOGAL survey and the observations are summarized in this paper, together with a brief discussion of data processing and quality. The primary ISOGAL products are described briefly (a full desciption is given in Schuller et al. 2003): viz. the images and the ISOGAL-DENIS five-wavelength point source catalogue. The main scientific results already derived or in progress are summarized. These include astrometrically calibrated 7 and 15 μm images, determining structures of resolved sources; identification and properties of interstellar dark clouds; quantification of the infrared extinction law and source dereddening; analysis of red giant and (especially) AGB stellar populations in the central Bulge, determining luminosity, presence of circumstellar dust and mass-loss rate, and source classification, supplemented in some cases by ISO/CVF spectroscopy; detection of young stellar objects of diverse types, especially in the inner Bulge with information about the present and recent star formation rate; identification of foreground sources with mid-IR excess. These results are the subject of about 25 refereed papers published or in preparation.
Description: Open Access
ISSN: 1432-0746
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