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Title: Studies of waves in sunspots using spectropolarimetric observations
Authors: MacDonald, G. A
Rajaguru, S. P
Keywords: Local helieseismology; active regions
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: The Physics of Sun and Star Spots, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Vol. 273, pp. 361-365
Series/Report no.: International Astronomical Union Symposium; No. 273
Abstract: We observe the acoustic velocity oscillations in and near active region NOAA 10960 on 8 June, 2007 using observations from the IBIS instrument at the Dunn Solar Telescope at NSO/Sacramento Peak and simultaneous Hinode BFI/SP data. Inversions were performed on the spectropolarimetric datasets in order to get magnetic field information for the AR. A time series of Doppler maps from line bisectors and Stokes V zero-crossing was constructed and allowed us to construct power maps for the AR. Past works by various authors have shown that acoustic power in the solar atmosphere is strongly influenced by magnetic field strength and inclination. Our study also explores this, but in addition, we also discuss the role of oscillations due to purely magnetized gas in the photosphere. Our preliminary results for this study are presented.
Description: Open Access
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