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Title: Evaluation of Astrophysically Useful Parameters for Strontium Monohydride and Deuteride
Authors: Sri Ramachandran, P
Rajamanickam, N
Bagare, S. P
Keywords: Molecular data;Methods: numerical;Sun: abundances
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: Astronomical Observatory, Serbia
Citation: Serbian Astronomical Journal, No. 172, pp. 13-16
Abstract: The Franck-Condon factors and r-centroids which are very closely related to transition probabilities, have been evaluated by the more reliable numerical integration procedure for the band systems B^{2}sum - X^{2}sum, C^{2}sum -X^{2}sum and F^{2}sum - X^{2}sum of astrophysical molecules strontium monohydride and strontium deuteride using an adequate potential. The Franck-Condon factors are more intense, particularly for the Δ ν = 0 bands, for all the systems examined here. Thus the bands of the molecules are expected to be present in sunspot spectra, SC-stars, cool M-giant stars and other prominent astrophysical sources.
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