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Title: Object-oriented programming approach to CCD data acquisition and image processing
Authors: Naidu, B. N
Srinivasan, R
Muralishankar, S
Issue Date: Oct-1997
Publisher: SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering
Citation: Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 3114, pp. 260-269
Series/Report no.: Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 3114;
Abstract: In the recent past both the CCD camera controller hardware and software have witnessed a dynamic change to keep pace with the astronomer's imaging requirements. Conventional data acquisition software is based on menu driven programs developed using structured high level languages in non-window environment. An application under windows offers several advantages to the users, over the non-window approach, like multitasking, accessing large memory and inter-application communication. Windows also provides many programming facilities to the developers such as device-independent graphics, support to wide range of input/output devices, menus, icons, bitmaps. However, programming for windows environment under structured programming demands an in-depth knowledge of events, formats, handles and inner workings. Object-oriented approach simplifies the task of programming for windows by using object windows which manage the message- processing behavior and insulate the developer from the details of inner workings of windows. As a result, a window application can be developed in much less time and effort compared to conventional approaches. We have designed and developed an easy-to-use CCD data acquisition and processing software under Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating environment using object-Pascal for windows. The acquisition software exploits the advantages of the objects to provide custom specific tool boxes to implement different functions of CCD data accusation and image processing. In this paper the hierarchy of the software structure and various application functions are presented. The flexibility of the software to handle different CCDs and also mosaic arrangement is illustrated.
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