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Title: Some enigmatic aspects of the early universe
Authors: Sivaram, C
Arun, K
Keywords: Singularity;Mutual Gravitational Interactions;Dark Energy;Magnetic Monopoles;Primordial Magnetic Fields
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol. 334, No. 2, pp. 225-230
Abstract: Matter collapsing to a singularity in a gravitational field is still an intriguing question. Similar situation arises when discussing the very early universe or a universe recollapsing to a singularity. It was suggested that inclusion of mutual gravitational interactions among the collapsing particles can avert a singularity and give finite value for various physical quantities. We also discussed how inclusion of large dark energy term compensates for the net gravity. The discussion is taken further by including the effects of charge, magnetic fields and rotation. The role of large extra dimensions under the extreme initial conditions is discussed and possible connection with the cyclic brane theory is explored. We constrain various cosmic quantities like the net charge, number density of magnetic monopoles, primordial magnetic fields, size of the extra dimensions, etc. We are also able to arrive at the parameters governing the observed universe.
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