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Title: Reappraisal of the Electric Dipole Moment Enhancement Factor for Thallium
Authors: Nataraj, H. S
Sahoo, B. K
Das, B. P
Mukherjee, D
Keywords: Electric dipole moment (EDM);Spectroscopy
Issue Date: 20-May-2011
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review Letters. Vol. 106, No. 20, 200403
Abstract: The electric dipole moment (EDM) enhancement factor of atomic Tl is of considerable interest as it has been used in determining the most accurate limit on the electron EDM to date. However, its value varies from -179 to -1041 in different approximations. In view of the large uncertainties associated with many of these calculations, we perform an accurate calculation employing the relativistic coupled-cluster theory and obtain -466, which in combination with the most accurate measurement of Tl EDM [Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 071805 (2002)] yields a new limit for the electron EDM: |de|<2.0×10-27e  cm.
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