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Title: Seyfert Galaxies: Nuclear Radio Structure and Unification
Authors: Lal, D. V
Shastri, P
Gabuzda, D. C
Keywords: Galaxies: Seyfert;Radio continuum: galaxies
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2011
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 731, No. 1, 68
Abstract: A radio study of a carefully selected sample of 20 Seyfert galaxies that are matched in orientation-independent parameters, which are measures of intrinsic active galactic nucleus power and host galaxy properties, is presented to test the predictions of the unified scheme hypothesis. Our sample sources have core flux densities greater than 8 mJy at 5 GHz on arcsec scales due to the feasibility requirements. These simultaneous parsec-scale and kiloparsec-scale radio observations reveal (1) that Seyfert 1 and Seyfert 2 galaxies have an equal tendency to show compact radio structures on milliarcsecond scales, (2) the distributions of parsec-scale and kiloparsec-scale radio luminosities are similar for both Seyfert 1 and Seyfert 2 galaxies, (3) there is no evidence for relativistic beaming in Seyfert galaxies, (4) similar distributions of source spectral indices in spite of the fact that Seyferts show nuclear radio flux density variations, and (5) the distributions of the projected linear size for Seyfert 1 and Seyfert 2 galaxies are not significantly different as would be expected in the unified scheme. The latter could be mainly due to a relatively large spread in the intrinsic sizes. We also find that a starburst alone cannot power these radio sources. Finally, an analysis of the kiloparsec-scale radio properties of the CfA Seyfert galaxy sample shows results consistent with the predictions of the unified scheme.
Description: Open Access
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