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Title: The metal–poor end of the Spite plateau: gravity sensitivity of the Hα wings fitting.
Authors: Sbordone, L
Bonifacio, P
Caffau, E
Ludwig, H. -G
Behara, N
Gonzalez-Hernandez, J. I
Steffen, M
Cayrel, R
Freytag, B
Van't Veer, C
Molaro, P
Plez, B
Sivarani, T
Spite, M
Spite, F
Beers, T. C
Christlieb, N
François, P
Hill, V
Keywords: Nuclear reactions;Nucleosynthesis – Galaxy;Halo – stars;Abundances, Population II
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: C. Charbonnel, M. Tosi, F. Primas & C. Chiappini, eds., Light Elements in the Universe, Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 268, 2009, pp. 355-356
Series/Report no.: IAU Symposium and Colloquium Proceedings Series; Vol. 268
Abstract: We recently presented (Sbordone et al., 2009a) the largest sample to date of lithium abundances in extremely metal-poor (EMP) Halo dwarf and Turn-Off (TO) stars. One of the most crucial aspects in estimating Li abundances is the Teff determination, since the Li I 670.8 nm doublet is highly temperature sensitive. In this short contribution we concentrate on the Teff determination based on Hα wings fitting, and on its sensitivity to the chosen stellar gravity.
Description: Restricted Access
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