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Title: Absolute emission altitude of pulsars: PSRs B1839+09, B1916+14, and B2111+46
Authors: Thomas, R. M. C
Gangadhara, R. T
Keywords: Stars: Rotation;Pulsars Individual: PSR B1839+09;Pulsars Individual: PSR B1916+14;Pulsars Individual: PSR B2111+46
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: EDP Science
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 515, pp. A86
Abstract: Aims. We study the mean profiles of the multi-component pulsars PSRs B1839+09, B1916+14 and B2111+46. We estimate the emission height of the core components, and hence find the absolute emission altitudes corresponding to the conal components. Methods. By fitting Gaussians to the emission components, we determine the phase location of the component peaks. Our findings indicate that the emission beams of these pulsars have the nested core-cone structures. Based on the phase location of the component peaks, we estimate the aberration-retardation (A/R) phase shifts in the profiles. Due to the A/R phase shift, the peak of the core component in the intensity profile and the inflection point of the polarization angle swing are found to be symmetrically shifted in the opposite directions with respect to the meridional plane in such a way that the core shifts towards the leading side and the polarization angle inflection point towards the trailing side. Results. We have been able to locate the phase location of the meridional plane and to estimate the absolute emission altitude of both the core and the conal components relative to the neutron star center, using the exact expression for the A/R phase shift given by Gangadhara (2005).
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