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Title: The hydrogen-deficient irregular variable star V348 SGR
Authors: Kameswara Rao, N
Nandy, K
Keywords: Abundance;Hydrogen;Interstellar extinction;Irregular variable stars;Nebulae;Variable stars;Chromosphere;Stellar composition;Stellar spectra;Ultraviolet spectroscopy
Issue Date: Jul-1984
Citation: In ESA Fourth European IUE Conf. pp. 363-366
Abstract: The distribution of the reddening material around V 348 Sgr was studied using the IUE low resolution spectra. The nebula surrounding the star has a reddening of E(B-V) = 0.3 caused mainly by the foreground interstellar medium. The reddening in the chromosphere (CII emission line region) is E(B-V)=0.9. The star shows variable circumstellar reddening and extinction. The nebula appears to be carbon poor and nitrogen rich whereas earlier optical studies show that in the chromosphere the abundance of carbon, helium, and neon are enhanced and hydrogen is very deficient. Thus there seems to be chemical separation between the nebula and the star.
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