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Title: Equilibrium structure of solar magnetic flux tubes: Energy transport with multistream radiative transfer
Authors: Hasan, S. S
Kalkofen, W
Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics;Radiative transfer;Solar atmosphere;Solar flux;Solar magnetic field;Solar temperature;Sun;Mathematical models;Numerical analysis;Solar corona
Issue Date: Nov-1994
Publisher: The American Astronomical Society
Citation: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 436, No. 1, pp. 355-367
Abstract: We examine the equilibrium structure of vertical intense magnetic flux tubes on the Sun. Assuming cylindrical geometry, we solve the magnetohydrostatic equations in the thin flux-tube approximation, allowing for energy transport by radiation and convection. The radiative transfer equation is solved in the six-stream approximation, assuming gray opacity and local thermodynamic equilibrium. This constitutes a significant improvement over a previous study, in which the transfer was solved using the multidimensional generalization of the Eddington approximation. Convection in the flux tube is treated using mixing-length theory, with an additional parameter alpha, characterizing the suppression of convective energy transport in the tube by the strong magnetic field. The equations are solved using the method of partial linearization. We present results for tubes with different values of the magnetic field strength and radius at a fixed depth in the atmosphere. In general, we find that, at equal geometric heights, the temperature on the tube axis, compared to the ambient medium, is higher in the photosphere and lower in the convection zone, with the difference becoming larger for thicker tubes. At equal optical depths the tubes are generally hotter than their surroundings. The results are comparatively insensitive to alpha but depend upon whether radiative and convective energy transport operate simultaneously or in separate layers. A comparison of our results with semiempirical models shows that the temperature and intensity contrast are in broad agreement. However, the field strengths of the flux-tube models are somewhat lower than the values inferred from observations.
ISSN: 0004-367X
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