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Title: Time-resolved spectral observations of spicule velocities at several heights
Authors: Hasan, S. S
Keil, S. L
Keywords: Chromosphere;Solar spectra;Spicules;H alpha line;Propagation velocity;Temporal Distribution
Issue Date: Aug-1984
Publisher: American Astronomical Society
Citation: Astrophysical Journal Part II, Vol. 283, pp. L75-L77
Abstract: The vacuum telescope of the National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak was used to obtain H-alpha spectral observations of spicules. A set of spectra corresponding to five slit positions above the solar limb were recorded every 8 s in order to study the temporal variation of spicules at several heights with high space and time resolution. The short time interval (less than 2 s) between exposures at each height is a new feature of these observations. A typical flow event in a spicule was found to last 10-15 minutes. During this period the velocity did not reverse sign. The temporal behavior of the velocity at different heights in a spicule appeared to show a high correlation, with a time lag less than 7 s, implying signal propagation speeds greater than 300 km/s. Finally, no significant variation of spicule velocity with height in the chromosphere was noticed.
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