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Title: A new early-morning ionospheric phenomenon
Authors: Bhargava, B. N
Keywords: Early-Morning Ionospheric Phenomenon;Ionospheric Observations;Ionospheric Echoes
Issue Date: Dec-1952
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Nature, Vol. 170, No. 4336, pp. 983 - 984
Abstract: EARLY in January 1952, when ionospheric observations were started at Kodaikanal (10° 14' N., 77° 28' E.), an interesting phenomenon, which, to my knowledge, has not hitherto been reported, was observed in the vertical-incidence virtual height/critical frequency records. It was found that on most of the mornings ionospheric echoes ceased to return some minutes to several hours before sunrise and reappeared at about ground sunrise time. Systematic daily observations were started early in March and h'f records taken at short intervals beginning about an hour before sunrise daily with the view of examining the frequency of occurrence and any possible seasonal characteristics of this `no echo' phenomenon.
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ISSN: 0028-0836
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