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Title: Photometric study of the profiles of the Fraunhofer lines in the solar spectrum: Part 1. MG. b. Group
Authors: Paramasiva Rao, Y
Ananthasubrahmanyam, C. K
Keywords: Photometric Studies;Photo-electric;Spectrophotometer;Photographic Photometry;Fraunhofer Lines
Issue Date: Jun-1942
Publisher: Calcutta University Press
Citation: Indian Journal of Physics, Vol. 16, pt. 3, pp. 177 - 186
Abstract: The paper consists of the results of the photometric studies carried out by the authors during the last year. After a brief description of the improvements and refine ments perfected in the Direct-Reading Photo-electric Spectrophotometer described by Narayan and Ananthasubrahmanyam, the use of the instrument in the study of the line contours is discussed. Contours obtained by photographic photometry and this instrument are given.
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