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Title: Ionospheric disturbances associated with magnetic storms at Kodaikanal
Authors: Bhargava, B. N
Gopala Rao, U. V
Keywords: Ionospheric Disturbances;Magnetic Storms;F2 Layer Disturbance;Geomagnetic Storms
Issue Date: Apr-1959
Publisher: Manager of Publications Civil Lines Delhi
Citation: The Indian Journal of Meteorology and Geophysics, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 203 - 208
Abstract: F2 layer disturbance at Kodaikanal have been analysed for a study of the behaviour of the, critical frequency and the virtual height during geomagnetic storms. The disturbances have been classified for this purpose into two categories namely, the positive and negative. The characteristics of Dst and SD variation of fo F2 and the SD variation of h' F at night have been discussed. The results have been explained in terms of the quiet and disturbed day vertical drift velocities.
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