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Title: Dynamics of magnetic and velocity fields in coronal loops
Authors: Krishan, V
Berger, M
Priest, E. R
Keywords: Dynamics;Magnetic and Velocity Fields;Coronal Loops;Solar Physics;Solar Corona
Issue Date: Jul-1988
Publisher: National Solar Observatory
Citation: Altrock, Richard C. ed., Solar and stellar coronal structure and dynamics:A Festschrift in honor of Dr. John W-Evans: Proceedings of the Ninth Sacramento Peak Summer Symposium, Sunspot, NM 17 - 21, August, 1987, pp. 236 - 247
Abstract: The coronal loop plasma is represented by a superposition of the three lowest order Chandrasekhar-Kendall modes. The temporal evolution of the velocity and magnetic field in each of these mode is determined using ideal MHD equations under two simplified cases viz (i) allowing small departures from the equilibrium and (ii) the pump approximation.
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