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Title: Night time geomagnetic effects of solar flares
Authors: Sastri, J. H
Keywords: Diurnal Variations;Geomagnetism;Magnetic Variations;Solar Activity Effects;Solar Flares;Annual Variations;Daytime;Ionospheric Currents;Night Sky;Solar X-Rays
Issue Date: Jul-1975
Publisher: European Geophysical Society
Citation: Annales de Geophysique, Vol. 31, pp. 389 - 393
Abstract: A study of the normal run magnetogram data of two equatorial stations, Kodaikanal (Geo. Long. 77 deg 28 min E, Dip 3.5 deg N) and Huancayo (Geo. Long. 75 deg 20 min W, Dip 2.0 deg N), for a three year period (1969-1971), showed that solar flare effects on geomagnetic variation do occur even in the dark hemisphere. The night time geomagnetic effects of solar flares as observed at Kodaikanal are noticed to exhibit a distinct shape and possess sufficient amplitude in the H-component (more than 4 times the distance from the earth's center at the maximum). A comparative study of the characteristics of the night time geomagnetic effects of solar flares observed at Kodaikanal in relation to the simultaneous day time effects observed at Huancayo, revealed that the night time effects are characterized by slower rise and decay compared to day time effects.
ISSN: 0003-4029
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