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Title: A detailed study of the geomagnetic storm of 8-10 March 1970
Authors: Balakrishnan, T. K
Varadarajan, R
Singh, S. B
Karunakaran, D
Aleem, P. S. M
Keywords: Geomagnetic Oscillations;Equatorial Stations;Oscillation Characteristics;Spectral Analysis;Modes of Oscillations;Magnetospheric Models Postulated;Geomagnetic Storm
Issue Date: Mar-1973
Publisher: National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources
Citation: Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics, Vol. 2, pp. 65 - 71
Abstract: A comprehensive study of the geomagnetic oscillations during the storm of 8 – 10 March 1970 is made using data obtained from equatorial stations. The oscillation characteristics during the three main phases of the storm have been computed from detailed spectral analysis of closed-spaced horizontal force data. Simultaneity or otherwise of the various modes of oscillations has been ascertained by coherence analysis of records of different pairs of stations, the results are discussed in the light of various observational results and magnetospheric models postulated thereon.
ISSN: 0367-8393
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