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dc.contributor.authorBhattacharyya, J. C-
dc.contributor.authorVasundhara, R-
dc.identifier.citationCurrent Science, Vol. 54, No. 13, pp. 601 - 605en
dc.description.abstractA two component model of a possible ring structure at about 12.5 Saturn radii is presented here which can explain the shapes of the immersion and emersion occultation profiles obtained during the occultation of SAO 158913 by Saturn’s magnetosphere on March 24., 1984 and March 25, 1984. The four sharp features may be due to micron sized dust grains confined close to the equatorial plane. The extended wings associated with the sharp features may be due to extended ionic and molecular belts stretching far above and below the equatorial plane of the planet Saturn.en
dc.publisherIndian Academy of Sciencesen
dc.subjectSaturn Rings: Structureen
dc.titleOuter rings of Saturnen
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