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Title: Magnetic field generation from Alfven waves propagating along helical lines of force
Authors: Bera, B
Das, C
Chakraborty, B
Khan, M
Krishan, V
Bhattacharyya, B
Keywords: Alfven waves propagating;Magnetic field generation;Helical lines;Alfven waves;Faraday effect;Static induced magnetization;IMAW;Magnetic field;Magnetic moment;Electromagnetic waves;Ambient field;Magnetization;Sun;Pulsars;Plasmas
Issue Date: Jul-1992
Publisher: Springer
Citation: International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol. 31, No. 7, pp. 1295 - 1301
Abstract: A static induced magnetization of Alfven waves (IMAW) due to the inverse Faraday effect is defined and studied. The Alfven waves are assumed to propagate along helical lines of force of a force-free ambient magnetic field. This induced magnetization follows from the magnetic moment of ordered gyrating motion of charges in the presence of electromagnetic waves and an ambient field. The helicity of the force-free field is found to decrease due to this IMAW. This effect is expected to be important in the physics of magnetization of the sun and pulsars, and also in laboratory devices for the generation of plasmas and their heating.
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