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Title: Effect of electrojet on the total electron content of the ionosphere over the Indian subcontinent
Authors: Deshpande, M. R
Rastogi, R. G
Vats, H. O
Sethia, G
Klobuchar, J. A
Jain, A. R
Subbarao, B. S
Patwari, V. M
Janve, A. V
Rai, R. K
Singh, M
Gurm, H. S
Murthy, B. S
Keywords: TEC;Radio Beacon Method;Effect of Electrojet;Total Electron Content;The Indian Subcontinent;The Ionosphere
Issue Date: Jun-1977
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Nature, Vol. 267, pp. 599 - 600
Abstract: The radio beacon method of measuring TEC along a chain of optimally spaced stations near the equatorial anomaly has been used to monitor continuously the latitudinal extent of the anomaly. Comparisons with the magnitude of the electrojet show a clear dependence of anomaly strength upon the electrojet intensity with an approximate two-hour time delay.
ISSN: 0028-0836
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