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Title: Cosmic rays from cosmic strings and other topological defects
Authors: Bhattacharjee, P
Keywords: Cosmic Rays;Cosmic Strings;Topological Defects;UHE;Ultrahigh Energy;Cosmic Topological Defects;Magnetic Monopoles;Spectra of Protons;Cosmic Ray Flux;Gamma Rays
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: World Scientific
Citation: Cowsik, R. ed., Non-accelerator particle physics., Proceedings of Intlernational Conference on Non-accelerator particle physics., Indian Institute of Astrophysics., Bangalore, 2 - 9 Jan, 1994, India, pp. 329 - 340
Abstract: The model of origin of ultrahigh energy (UHE) (i.e., energy E~> 10sup/8 eV) cosmic rays from cosmic topological defects such as cosmic strings, magnetic monopoles, etc., is discussed. We discuss the general nature of the predicted spectra of protons, gamma rays and neutrinos resulting from TD-induced processes and discuss he predicted magnitude of contribution of some specific processes involving specific kinds of TDs to the UHE cosmic ray flux.
ISBN: 981-02-1811-7
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