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Title: Forenoon bite-out in f0F2 at low latitudes
Authors: Sastri, J. H
Ramesh, K. B
Keywords: Critical Frequencies;Diurnal Variations;Electromagnetic Absorption;F 2 Region;Ionospheric Propagation;Tropical Regions;Annual Variations;Geomagnetism;Sunspot Cycle
Issue Date: Apr-1982
Publisher: The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Citation: Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics, Vol. 11, pp. 81 - 82
Abstract: Evidence is presented showing that the longitudinal extent of the forenoon bite-out in f0F2 at low geomagnetic latitudes can sometimes be very narrow and that marked differences in the extent of the development of the bite-out can occasionally occur at locations separated in longitude by about three hours. Published hourly f0F2 data from Ahmedabad (23.02 deg N, 72.60 deg E; mag. lat., 18.6 deg N) and Chung-Li (24.95 deg N, 121.23 deg E; mag. lat., 18.6 deg N) for a 24-month period (January 1966-December 1967) on the ascending phase of the 20th solar cycle are examined for the presence of the forenoon bite-out. This bite-out is taken to be present when the depression in f0F2 in the forenoon period is 0.5 MHz or more from the normal assumed trend. The bite-out is found to be present on 25 days at Ahmedabad and 19 days at Chung-Li. Only on 14 days is it evident at both stations.
ISSN: 0367-8393
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