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Title: Abnormal quiet days and the effect of geomagnetic activity on the diurnal variation of equatorial geomagnetic field
Authors: Sastri, J. H
Keywords: Geomagnetic Field:Variations
Issue Date: Apr-1983
Publisher: The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Citation: Indian Journal of space Physics, Vol. 12, pp. 53 - 55
Abstract: It is shown that a conspicuous noontime positive deviation 10 the asymmetric component or the H field at equatorial electrojet stations, associated with the solar wind on quiet days with A/subp~5, does not manifest if abnormal quiet days' (AQDs) and hence the influence counter-electrojet conditions associated with them are taken into consideration. It is pointed out that the noontime positive swing or the asymmetric component in the H field on quiet days With A/subp~5 at electrojet stations is primarily due to changes in the local ionospheric dynamo region rather than in the solar wind.
ISSN: 0367-8393
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